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The tesseract is a four dimensional hypercube. It is the logical successor in a series of objects with increasing number of dimensions: point, line, square, cube, ... Gerbo Technology has selected a projection of the tesseract as company logo. One of its 24 squares is painted blue to highlight a single aspect. The screen saver rotates the tesseract in all possible directions and projects it on the two dimensional screen.

Towers of Hanoi

The "Towers of Hanoi" was invented by French mathematician Edouard Lucas in 1883. According to Lucas, there is a temple in Hanoi where there are monks dedicated to solving the problem of 64 disks and 3 poles! Their objective is to move the disks (one at a time) from the left most pole to the right most pole without placing a bigger disk on top of a smaller disk. It is said that when the monks have completed their task, the world will end. The game is demonstrated with robot arm "Manus". The Arm has been developed as an aid for handicapped people. For more information about the Arm visit Exact Dynamics.

Bar Code Scanner

A red laser beam randomly scans the screen. When the bar code is scanned properly a beep is produced.


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Great Idea?

If you have a great idea for a special screensaver that you would like to have then ask Gerbo Technology for an offer: info@gerbo.nl


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